Well, the swimming pool is open! So on the first day it was open, May 19th (even though it rained for a while) the kids (Christopher, and 2 neighbor girls, Lacie and her sister Chelsea) just had to go swimming. After a few hours, dark clouds started to move in and the wind turned cold and really started to blow, but it wasn’t until I saw lightening in the distance that I pulled them out of the pool.

They have gone swimming almost every day since then! Last year just a few weeks before the pool closed I found (on clearance) a large beach ball and a few other pool toys. They loved the ball and quickly discovered that the best thing to do with it was to dive over it! Well, it is only a 5-foot pool so they have to be careful, but that is, again this year, their favorite thing to do with the ball. The funny thing is that we (Dawn Merrick and I) really could not get Christopher to really dive into a pool. He would jump, or sort of do this fall in and make it kind of look like a dive, but no real diving! Now he loves it! It is amazing. Also he was a so-so swimmer before we moved into the apartments with this pool, but after going swimming almost every day of each week, he has really gotten to be quite a good swimmer!

Christopher dives over ball