June 2006

Okay, I’m back in Las Vegas, and we finally get to go geocaching. First one we did was across from the temple and my Father found it.

cache 1b cache 1a

Then we went to the next one, but this one was a bit of a hike and I was in sandals, so Father and Christopher hiked to it, but the temperature was not very favorable, so I stayed in the car with the a/c…

cache 2a cache 2b

After that I suggested we be done but Father wanted to do more, so we headed to the next closest one, but this one had to do with, well let’s just say there was fake doggy poop in the cache. Christopher thought that was great and wanted to keep it, but I told him that it was part of the joke on the cachers and that it was supposed to stay with it…

cache 3a cache 3b

So, of course, Father wanted to do another one, so off we went to the next closest…

cache 4a cache 4b

After that I could see that Father was worn out, so we called it quits, with a bit of pushing on my part. Got 4-in-1 again!


We found the coolest thing in the Detroit Airport. As we were switching from one terminal to another, we had to go through an underground tunnel. The thing was this tunnel had soft music and in was nice and cool, BUT the cool thing was that the walls changed colors! I stood at one end and took 3 pictures to show how it changes. Then I took one on the walkway inside to show the different colors and how it changes.

1 green

1 red

1 purp

1 hall

Well, here we were in Detroit for the ACN convention at the Cobo Center, but within quarter of a mile there were 2 geocaches I was anxious to go find. Colette had been told that Detroit is the most dangerous city in the U.S. so I really had to talk her into it. On Friday afternoon after registering and before the first training started we had time to go caching. As we made our way to the walking area along the river, and me continuing to tell her we were safe, it opened up to a nice park area. She was reassured of our safety as she saw lots of the people walking around had ACN convention badges on. When we looked across the river there were a bunch of buildings and I told Colette that that was Canada. She was so surprised you would have thought I told her there were martians over there. She could hardly believe it.

3 canada 3 bridge

The first cache was a virtual cache having to do with the underground railroad statue honoring all those who helped and escaped with the underground railroad. It was quit interesting.

1 cache a 1 cache b

The funny thing was after leaving the statue with all the answers we started walking in the direction the unit was pointing and right in front of us was what reminded me of a stargate. You see, thanks to Shawn, I had just watched 7 1/2 seasons of Stargate SG-1 and so that was deeply embedded in my mind when I looked and saw this big round thing. Well, what else was I going to think? 3 stargate

Cool, huh? Anyway we started following the directions again and found ourselves at the Mariner’s church. Ok, we read the info on this cache, and tried everything we could get our hands on. We even read the hint, but there were so many muggles (non-cachers) we felt a little weird touching everything trying to find it! Colette finally figured it out and we signed the log, while we laughed.

2 church 2 cache

So, off we went down the street to the Cobo Center and back to the convention. Funny thing is, along the way we saw some interesting things. We saw the street signs telling you “this way to Canada”. They take you to the tunnel that goes under the river and over to Ontario, Canada. We also saw a funny piece of artwork that was an arm being suspended above the ground.

3 canada signs 3 arm

But as we were coming back to the convention center we saw a bus that apparently goes through the tunnel to Canada, and then we saw the big ACN sign telling us we were back.

3 tunnel bus 3 acn sign

Well, we had a nice little adventure, but it was getting time for the training to start so we kept walking and made it back to the convention. We were among the first group to file in, but got some shots anyway.

1 conv b 1 conv a

As Colette and I were on our way to Detroit, Michigan, we found these large statues in an out of the way place on way to our gate in the Las Vegas airport. One was a giant hornytoad and one was a scorpion. I didn’t get a picture of the scorpion, though I can’t remember why, but I knew Christopher would like the hornytoad.

h toad

Yeah, Christopher finally said he was sick of his hair. He told me last night that he wants to get it cut, so first thing this morning I ran him down to Fantastic Sam’s before he changed his mind! He looks so much older without all that hair! He said afterwards that about half way through getting it cut that he thought “WHAT AM I DOING? I LIKE MY LONG HAIR!” But it is gone and I bought him some good spikey stuff and he has always enjoyed spiking it, and he still has some of that color stuff, too!  I took pictures for my blog (I didn’t tell him that was what they were for), but he didn’t want his picture taken.
hair1 hair2

Well, here we go again, out to find some more. We decided to look for several in and around a park not far from the Jordan River. We started out following the directions on the unit, but because of the area we were in we were trying to find a way around all the bushes and trees. We ended up hiking through part of it and got to a path we did not know was there (thanks to a lady walking the path). We got close to the cache but couldn’t seem to find it. Then I just looked down and there it was under a large branch on the ground.

geo 1aa geo 1ba

So, then as we followed the path we all realized we had stickers stuck in our shoes and socks. We came across a small picnic table and each pulled the stickers out. I had been wearing sandals and they were even between the sandal and the top of my foot. I had to almost turn my sandals inside out to get them all out. So we continued on the path and it led right back in the other direction to where we had started, but we had not seen it due to the direction in which it came back. So, since it took us right over by a cache we had looked for in the dark the night before, but could not find, we decided to give it another try. This one was a bit tricky. We knew it was a micro, but we still could not find it. It was in an area with a lot of trees and the unit kept wigging out. I had given up, but the kids were still looking when Joel said, “Hey, is this it?”. He just happened to pull on a sign on the fence, and the front part swung up and there it was, underneath! It was a sign about the fence and it had 2 metal plates and only the back one was attached on all 4 corners! I never would have looked there!

geo 2a geo 2b

Even though Lacie had sort of sprained her ankle doing skateboarding tricks, they decided to try some more. We drove to a place on the map that we did not know existed. It is a small scenic outlook and there was one hidden there. Some how I did not end up with pictures of it.

One more. We drove to a dog park and hiked around it and into the brush again, but on the other side of the Jordan River. We eventually found it and it had lots of kid stuff to trade, so the kids liked that. After trading and hiking back Lacie had had enough and we went home. Not bad, 4 in 1!

geo 3a geo 3b

Well, I am still playing catch up. On June 6th, 2006 we got Colette to go geocaching with us. I looked for ones close to her apartment to make it easier, and I found 3 not too far. The first one we found was at this sign to the small park next to the Jordan River Parkway. Colette found this first one.

geo 1a geo 1b

Then we walked down the path to the next one, about 1/10th of a mile down the walking path and Christopher found the next one hidden in the underbrush by some trees. Christopher had fun making a dorky face at the camera!

geo 2a geo 2b

Then came the hard part. You see, it was the beginning of summer and we had picked the hottest day so far this year to go. We had to work around Colette’s work schedule which made it a bit harder. I told her the next one was just over half a mile from this end and that it might be better to go to 4500 South and go that way but she said this was fine. So off we went. I had brought some bottles of water, but she is picky on which kind of water she likes and mine was not good enough, but she had to drink it anyway. I think she did not realize how far half a mile was and after less than a quarter of a mile she was asking how far it was and I reminded how far I had said, but, I guess she really hadn’t understood what I said and was complaining a bit. But we kept going on and finally found the cache hidden in some rocks.

geo 3a geo 3b

So, we signed the log and put everything back as we had found it. Then we started the walk back. That was, of course, worse and we were all dying by the time we got back to the car and the a/c! But we did well! We found 3 caches that day!

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