Well, we went in the dark, and knowing we would be by the river, we sprayed down with bug spray (the good amway stuff!), and Christopher put on a long sleeved hoody. We took flashlights and headed out. It was on a bridge, over the Jordan River, and it took us a few minutes to find it, but no one wanted to stick their hand in the spot due to having found a nice spiderweb and spider right below the spot. So I distroyed the web and reached in and got it. Then, after opening it and finding no pencil, muggles (non-geocaching folk) started over the bridge. So we just headed for the car. As we were leaving the bridge Lacie and Christopher were shining the flashlights around and found a momma skunk and her babies, but I was too far ahead to get back in time with my camera since the kids had scared it off. So after signing in and replacing the cache, we headed for home, on the promise that I would take them out again tomorrow.

night cache 2 night cache