Okay, everyone is hooked and wanting to do more caching, even though it will be getting dark soon. So after driving home and putting in new coord’s (co-ordinances) and printing the info for the next one, we set off. Although this one warns us that it is by a canal (and to keep an eye on small children), nothing clicks in my head….water…..standing water……….MOSQUITOES!!!! Nope, not me, and I know better. When I was on my mission, I was serving by the Rio Grand! When we would visit with the families there we would have to spray down or be eaten alive…but I’m just thinking of the fun. We are all wearing short sleeves and shorts! We arrive head in the right direction when a pit bull comes through the big hole in the fence, and tells us it is on a chain. He tells the dog that it’s okay “their just playing a game”. After going far around the dog we start narrowing it down, all the while getting closer and closer to the water. But even though there are a few bugs, we still think nothing of it, until we hit a dead end and realize we need to back up 10 feet or so and veer to the right….closer to the water…well we had to (of course) push through some bushes and low tree limbs, and then they started biting! We found the hiding place for the cache just as they attacked (youl’d think they were guarding it!). We uncovered it…while swatting…got it out and opened it up….while swatting…..tried to look in and make trades, and write on the log….still swatting, even taking turns swatting for others while they wrote! We tossed it back covered it up, and high tailed it out of there, making sure to avoid the pit bull, and into the mosquito free car. I promised to take them again tomorrow. You would think this would finish them off for the night, but no. They want to do one more….in the dark.

buggy cache 2 buggy cache