Well, I put off doing this post due to knowing it would take so long. But here goes. On the last post I said I had promised the kids that we would go geocaching that next day (June 2nd). So, we did. We started out by finding one in a little park along the Jordan River Parkway (along the Jordan River). After finding that one we headed toward the next closest one.
bb flag cache bb flag cache 2

As we gat farther down the walk way several people passed us on bikes and 2 young ladies on roller blades. As we were getting close to the area for the geocache, Lacie was out in front on her skateboard and I snapped a pic of her out in front, not noticing that she was coming upon the 2 roller bladers, having just shed their blades and climbing down into the bushes next to the river. Lacie heard them saying there was someone drowning down there. So, as we got closer we wanted to help but realized there was really nothing we could do and it might put us in danger as well.

aa getting there aa working hard

Just after we got there, a man and his son came along and tried to help, also. They climed down close to the girls and one of the girls handed them her cell phone to tell the 911 people where we were, as they continued to try to get the person out of the water. After a few minutes a mans head appeard and we thought they had done it and they would be helping him up, but after helping him up the man informed them that his girl friend was still in the water. He had been trying to help her, but was unable to keep her afloat. So with the help of these girls they were able to get her afloat and start to bring her out of the water. She had been under the water for several minutes and due to the strong current, had swallowed a lot of water. Her body was trying to get rid of it all and she threw up many times.

phone aa mans head

They finally got the girl up on the rocks by the path and she just collapsed, continueing to throw up! She was past worn out. It really was a miracle that she was alive! Even though I had my camera and was taking pictures of this whole thing, I know that it would be innappropriate to take pictures of her. We backed off after convincing the man on the phone that we were closer to 4500 south, rather than 4800 south (pointing out approximattly how far we were thanks to me standing there with a gps unit in my hand!) Seeing that there was nothing we could do, we headed down the path to finish finding our geocache. After walking a little way, I realized we had come too far and we headed back and realized that it was in about the same spot that the people had been rescued. Only now there were EMT’s along with an ambulence on the other side of the fence in the appartment complex parking lot that runs adjacent to the walkway. Along with that the police were running in from 4500 south and there we were staning along side like a bunch of looky-loo’s. Only we were really waiting for everyone to leave so we could look for the cache!

aa climbing down aa amb bbb

So just as everyone was leaving, and we were getting ready to be able to find that cache, wouldn’t you know it, along came a cameraman from channel 5 news! UGH! So he talked to the girls and got their story (5-10 minutes) and then he shot what must have been 15 minutes of the drop off in the river that spilled the couple out of the boat or whatever that they were in. You could still see one of the oars floating around (left arrow) in a spot that was a bit of a whirlpool and trapped stuff at the edge of the drop off. You can see a balloon floating around (right arrow) in that area, too!

aa newsman drop off a

After all that, we couldn’t find that darn cache! But Christipher did find a snake skin.

cc snake skin