Well, I am still playing catch up. On June 6th, 2006 we got Colette to go geocaching with us. I looked for ones close to her apartment to make it easier, and I found 3 not too far. The first one we found was at this sign to the small park next to the Jordan River Parkway. Colette found this first one.

geo 1a geo 1b

Then we walked down the path to the next one, about 1/10th of a mile down the walking path and Christopher found the next one hidden in the underbrush by some trees. Christopher had fun making a dorky face at the camera!

geo 2a geo 2b

Then came the hard part. You see, it was the beginning of summer and we had picked the hottest day so far this year to go. We had to work around Colette’s work schedule which made it a bit harder. I told her the next one was just over half a mile from this end and that it might be better to go to 4500 South and go that way but she said this was fine. So off we went. I had brought some bottles of water, but she is picky on which kind of water she likes and mine was not good enough, but she had to drink it anyway. I think she did not realize how far half a mile was and after less than a quarter of a mile she was asking how far it was and I reminded how far I had said, but, I guess she really hadn’t understood what I said and was complaining a bit. But we kept going on and finally found the cache hidden in some rocks.

geo 3a geo 3b

So, we signed the log and put everything back as we had found it. Then we started the walk back. That was, of course, worse and we were all dying by the time we got back to the car and the a/c! But we did well! We found 3 caches that day!