Well, here we go again, out to find some more. We decided to look for several in and around a park not far from the Jordan River. We started out following the directions on the unit, but because of the area we were in we were trying to find a way around all the bushes and trees. We ended up hiking through part of it and got to a path we did not know was there (thanks to a lady walking the path). We got close to the cache but couldn’t seem to find it. Then I just looked down and there it was under a large branch on the ground.

geo 1aa geo 1ba

So, then as we followed the path we all realized we had stickers stuck in our shoes and socks. We came across a small picnic table and each pulled the stickers out. I had been wearing sandals and they were even between the sandal and the top of my foot. I had to almost turn my sandals inside out to get them all out. So we continued on the path and it led right back in the other direction to where we had started, but we had not seen it due to the direction in which it came back. So, since it took us right over by a cache we had looked for in the dark the night before, but could not find, we decided to give it another try. This one was a bit tricky. We knew it was a micro, but we still could not find it. It was in an area with a lot of trees and the unit kept wigging out. I had given up, but the kids were still looking when Joel said, “Hey, is this it?”. He just happened to pull on a sign on the fence, and the front part swung up and there it was, underneath! It was a sign about the fence and it had 2 metal plates and only the back one was attached on all 4 corners! I never would have looked there!

geo 2a geo 2b

Even though Lacie had sort of sprained her ankle doing skateboarding tricks, they decided to try some more. We drove to a place on the map that we did not know existed. It is a small scenic outlook and there was one hidden there. Some how I did not end up with pictures of it.

One more. We drove to a dog park and hiked around it and into the brush again, but on the other side of the Jordan River. We eventually found it and it had lots of kid stuff to trade, so the kids liked that. After trading and hiking back Lacie had had enough and we went home. Not bad, 4 in 1!

geo 3a geo 3b