Well, here we were in Detroit for the ACN convention at the Cobo Center, but within quarter of a mile there were 2 geocaches I was anxious to go find. Colette had been told that Detroit is the most dangerous city in the U.S. so I really had to talk her into it. On Friday afternoon after registering and before the first training started we had time to go caching. As we made our way to the walking area along the river, and me continuing to tell her we were safe, it opened up to a nice park area. She was reassured of our safety as she saw lots of the people walking around had ACN convention badges on. When we looked across the river there were a bunch of buildings and I told Colette that that was Canada. She was so surprised you would have thought I told her there were martians over there. She could hardly believe it.

3 canada 3 bridge

The first cache was a virtual cache having to do with the underground railroad statue honoring all those who helped and escaped with the underground railroad. It was quit interesting.

1 cache a 1 cache b

The funny thing was after leaving the statue with all the answers we started walking in the direction the unit was pointing and right in front of us was what reminded me of a stargate. You see, thanks to Shawn, I had just watched 7 1/2 seasons of Stargate SG-1 and so that was deeply embedded in my mind when I looked and saw this big round thing. Well, what else was I going to think? 3 stargate

Cool, huh? Anyway we started following the directions again and found ourselves at the Mariner’s church. Ok, we read the info on this cache, and tried everything we could get our hands on. We even read the hint, but there were so many muggles (non-cachers) we felt a little weird touching everything trying to find it! Colette finally figured it out and we signed the log, while we laughed.

2 church 2 cache

So, off we went down the street to the Cobo Center and back to the convention. Funny thing is, along the way we saw some interesting things. We saw the street signs telling you “this way to Canada”. They take you to the tunnel that goes under the river and over to Ontario, Canada. We also saw a funny piece of artwork that was an arm being suspended above the ground.

3 canada signs 3 arm

But as we were coming back to the convention center we saw a bus that apparently goes through the tunnel to Canada, and then we saw the big ACN sign telling us we were back.

3 tunnel bus 3 acn sign

Well, we had a nice little adventure, but it was getting time for the training to start so we kept walking and made it back to the convention. We were among the first group to file in, but got some shots anyway.

1 conv b 1 conv a