Okay, I’m back in Las Vegas, and we finally get to go geocaching. First one we did was across from the temple and my Father found it.

cache 1b cache 1a

Then we went to the next one, but this one was a bit of a hike and I was in sandals, so Father and Christopher hiked to it, but the temperature was not very favorable, so I stayed in the car with the a/c…

cache 2a cache 2b

After that I suggested we be done but Father wanted to do more, so we headed to the next closest one, but this one had to do with, well let’s just say there was fake doggy poop in the cache. Christopher thought that was great and wanted to keep it, but I told him that it was part of the joke on the cachers and that it was supposed to stay with it…

cache 3a cache 3b

So, of course, Father wanted to do another one, so off we went to the next closest…

cache 4a cache 4b

After that I could see that Father was worn out, so we called it quits, with a bit of pushing on my part. Got 4-in-1 again!