July 2006

I love it when Kia is asleep, and the tip of her long tongue sticks out! Awwwwwwww!

a kia

She’s so cute!


Well, we have made it to…..


For those of you non-Utah people, Lagoon is a micro-mini Disneyland. It is the best thing for hundreds of miles.

aa3 aa2

Christie, the mom of Lacie and Chelsea who live next door to us, works for Harmon’s (a grocery store chain in Utah) and each summer they have 2 days to choose from to get tickets for a steal, and then the Harmon’s owners put on a big party with lots of free food, and employees who attend get to put a ticket in for prizes. Christie won a mini-dvd player! She was so excited! But back to the rest of the story. The girls (Lacie and Chelsea) wanted us to go with them this year and Christie even bought our tickets and wouldn’t let me pay her back. So we all packed into my car and headed off! After we headed off on a few rides we got hot and thursty. Christie and Chelsea went on this ride that spins you around…see her long blond hair flying out, and we got stopped on this sky rider ride, so I pulled out my camera and took pictures.

aa1 aa4

Thinking that the Harmon’s people had drinks starting at noon we went to the big pavillions, but we were wrong, it was 2pm, so we put down things to save us a spot at a table and took off for the rides that get you wet! I remembered last year that when we went with the Merrick’s that stuff could get wet and I did not want my camera getting wet. I really would like to get pictures on these rides that get you wet, but I was not about to use it for fear of ruining it…and then I had a wonderful, BRILLIANT, idea! I was already bringing ziplock bags to put cell phones and stuff in, and of course my camera…what would happen if I tried to take pictures THROUGH the plastic of the ziplock bag? I might not work at all or it might only be fuzzy! I mean, if I were to pull the plastic tight enough over the lens area, I might get something good! It was worth a try! We first went on the Log Flume and I thought I would try it out on that one, because the one I really wanted pictures was Rattlesnake Rapids! That one drenches you! So after we got on the ride I pulled out my camera in the bag and got it pulled tight and started taking pictures. I couldn’t tell in the sun and through the bag what pictures I was getting, so I had to wait until after we got off the ride to look at the pictures I took to see if it worked and here are the ones I got on that ride. The beginning of the ride, and at the end, with Christopher and Lacie above us on the walk way, watching us arrive.

lgn 5 aa5

So, since that worked I was ready to try it on the Rattlesnake Rapids!

Okay, in this next picture we are on the ride, but before the waterfall!…Still dry…

lgn 4

During the waterfall! I love this shot! The funny thing was that since I couldn’t see what I was getting pictures of, I just kept taking pictures! This is the best shot of the whole trip!!!

lgn 3

After the waterfall…drenched!

lgn 2

Now that we are cooled off, we can go on other rides without being too hot!
lgn 1 lgn 11
So at 2pm we went and got stuff to eat and drink, then went on them again. At 6pm all the Harmon’s people come back for the give aways and dinner. All we had to pay for was the hamburgers or hot dogs, and everything else was free! The kids got their faces painted. Chelsea got a big butterfly, but Christopher and Lacie had the skateboard company DC logo painted on them! Then Christie won the dvd player (Bob, one of the owners presented her with it and shook her hand). She made sure I got a picture!

lgn 7 aa6

Well, after going on a bunch more rides I wanted a picture of the kids under the water of the … fountain?
lgn 9 lgn 6

Well, Christopher and Lacie began to have fun and really go drenched, only it was getting dark and Christopher started getting cold…really cold…you can almost see him shiver in the last picture! Brrrr
lgn 8 lgn 10

Father wanted to go geocaching again now that Mother and I were back from Mesa. So I got out all the stuff and we went off again! The first one we found took us a few minutes due to the clues. None of us wanted to get bitten by any of the spiders we had found in the hiding spot, so Father put on his gloves and got it for us. It was a micro, so we only signed the log.

cache 1b cache 1a

So then we moved on to the next one. It was in a tree and attached to a limb so well that Christopher couldn’t get it down, although he gave it a good try, so Father figured it out and got it down. You have to remember this is July in Vegas! 107+ degrees! I was really glad this one was in the shade! We traded a few things, including a small “hello kitty” that Cassie’s daughter, Bekah, had asked me to put in a cache for her. Christopher took a hand buzzer. Oh, joy!

cache 2 a cache 2 b

Okay, so we still had a few more we could do, that I had put the co-ord’s in the unit, so off we went again, but as we made a u-ee in the road, across ran a …chipmunk, squirrel? Well it was some kind of kritter. Shawn seems to have all the fun with kritters, so had to include the only one I’ve come across!

cache 2 critter

Well, it ended up that the next one was partly in the shade, but once we got there, we found this one in record time, and got back in the car (of course the drunk looking guy sitting not far from there, as well as the litter of beer bottles urged us to be on the fast track!) It was a good hiding spot and I loved the container, which was one of those metal boxes that aol used to use to send out those stupid free cd’s (a few years ago a friend of mine put those cd’s all over in her garden to deter birds!)

cache3a cache3b

Father really seems to be hooked, so we did the last one. This one was so obvious after having found several in identical places that we walked right to it. It was located in a park, but the only unpleasant thing about this one, other than the heat, had to be the family sitting at a covered picnic table having a party. Don’t get me wrong, that was great, fine, but they had their rap music blasting from their car more than 100 feet away! I commented that if I lived across the street (yes, there were houses) that I would have called the cops! It was so stinkin’ LOUD!

cache 4a cache 4b

So, there you have the last caching marathon in Vegas. Maybe we will do it again sometime…but in winter, when the temperatures would be lovely for this kind of thing!

The day after Mother and I got home from Mesa, a storm was moving in and there were some really weird, but cool looking clouds. I could have played with it in photoshop, but this looks cool without doing that, so I thought I would post it raw and untouched! Don’t you think it looks like a painting of a backdrop?


Well, I was able to grab one cache on the way out of Mesa. The funny thing was it was at a dog walking park and the tin they used was from dog breath mints.

cache 1 cache 2

Well, off I go on the next leg of my journey! Mother and went to Mesa, AZ to visit Alex and Cassie Jones and their daughters (Madeline, Rebekah, and new baby Annalise), as well as spend some time with Shawn and Krissy who were also visiting. It just so happened to also coincide with the 4th of July! So, since I have the same exact camera as Shawn (It is great to have a techno geek in the family. He does all the research and decides which is the best for the buck, buys and uses it. Then I do the same :)) he showed me how to do some night shots for fireworks.

1 a 1 c

1 e 1 d

Cool, huh? I am no pro, but those are the best ones I’ve ever taken!