Well I actually made it to Baltimore! I got to my hotel and in my room and slept pretty good. I am getting better at sleeping on hotel beds! I used to toss and turn all night. The next day we visited the inner harbor.

balt sign baltimore ship

We were told that it used to be a shipping harbor clear back since colonial days, and that it was really run down and an eye sore. Several years ago the city did a big renovation project and then built shops and restaurants all around it and now it is a fun tourist spot with tons of things going on even in the evening and early morning. Here we have a guy dancing to the beat of the drums while on top of these buckets. As we were walking around looking at all the stuff at the harbor I got mor shots of interesting things.

harbor dancer harbor lights
hard rock moon sub

The next morning while trying to find something to eat, a lady told us about the “Dragon Races” that would be held the next morning and we were there getting breakfast just at the right time.

dragon races harbor sculpt
Wow, what a trip this turned out to be! I really saw some amazing things on this trip!