November 2006

Well just after we drove in to the garage and gotten out and stretched our legs, Father drove up. Mother had been released from the rehab hospital early and there she was sitting in the passenger seat. We were very surprised, yet pleased!

grandmother 1


Ok, I have only been eating squash (butternut only) for about 3 years now, but I have NEVER seen this! I cut it open to get the seeds out and to prepare it for cooking…and what did I find?

butternut growth

Some of the seeds had sprouted and were growing on the inside! “On the inside?” you ask. YES! ON THE INSIDE! I may never see that again! You either, so take a closer look!

butternut leaf

I wanted to take it and plant it! Then I realized…It’s November, not May! It would only last a few days since it has already started freezing at night. Not to mention I no longer have anywhere to plant something like that. Oh, well, maybe soon! 🙂