December 2006

Well my mother is in the hospital again. She was in the emergency room for 24 hours before a bed was available for her, but the doctor determined it was her gall bladder this time and so he wanted to send a scope thingy down her throat to look at stuff, but since she has been on a blood thinner to remove a small clot in her lung her blood is too thin to do this procedure. So they are giving her blood time to thicken.

I decided I would play Shawn and take some interesting pictures of stuff in the hospital. I am not as good as Shawn but here you go:

aa iv aa air 2

aa air aa cord

aa curtain aa drip

aa gauge aa adjust

There were little symbols on the controller for Mother to use…can you guess what each one means? If you want to know…just make a comment and ask and I will email you the answers.

aa buttons aa nurse


I woke up about 5:30 this morning and just layed there thinking about a dream I had just had. NONE of it made any sense after I woke up. What is it about dreams that when you are asleep they make perfect sense…then you wake up! I usually think about that dream on and off all day and again as I am trying to go to sleep. What in our subconscious makes our mind invent this gibberish, and makes it make sense? I don’t have these very often, and they are not scary but when I do have them, it bothers me enough that it made sense while sleeping, to almost (for lack of a better word) “haunt” me all day! Curious!

Ok, I thought I was done with that white stuff! I think it must have followed me from Utah…yep, you guessed it…SNOW! It snowed last night! Of course, it was gone by morning, but I took this picture at 5:30 am to make sure I got pictures of it!

aa car aa snow

For as long as I can remember my mother has been cold. She would wear a sweater even on summer evenings. So now that she has been so sick, this effect has been multiplied! We have only been able to get her out of the house once for a ride to look at Christmas lights. I have tried to get her to come out and watch us play ping pong, but she is already cold. So I convinced her that we would wrap her up in blankets, all mummy like so she would be okay. Well we finally got Mother outside to watch us play ping pong. I wrapped an Afghan around her then wrapped her in a quilt. It was a bit stormy and windy and she was okay for a few minutes, but the wind was chilling her head to the bone! So we put another blanket around her head to block the wind and she stayed out there for 3 games!

mother at ping pong

A few days ago I was playing with my camera and I happend to catch my parents just sitting and watching TV. It was rather cute, especially since they were holding hands.


Shawn (my nephew) had just written about these coin machines when the later story happened to me. I hope Shawn doesn’t mind my using his blog for explination purposes:

I have never really been a fan of the automated coin dispenser. You know, the machine that has a little cup where the coin part of your change appears when you pay with cash at the grocery store. It doesn’t save much time. I’ve worked cash registers at a retail store before, and it doesn’t take very long to get change for people one coin at a time. I don’t like them because I often forget to take my change. The cashier hands me the bills and it often doesn’t occur to me that half of my change is just sitting somewhere else waiting for me to take it.

Today I bought a couple of things at the grocery store and the coin machine gave me what seemed to be a lot of coins as change. Here’s the breakdown

  • 1 Quarter
  • 5 Dimes
  • 1 Nickel
  • 5 Pennies

I don’t know about you, but that don’t make a lick o’ sense to me. I suppose that it’s possible that the machine only had one quarter and one nickel in it when I got there. That’s the only explanation I could come up with. What happens to the next person, then? Isn’t the cashier alerted when coin levels in the machine are low? It just seems like one more thing to go wrong.

This is so true!I hate these machines, too! I went to Smith’s here in Vegas last night.I handed the cashier my bills, and she promptly handed me back the bills I was to get in change. Then I remembered Shawn’s blog I had read just a few days earlier when I realized there was no change with the bills and so started looking for the stupid change machine. It was rather hidden, but I found it and then as I swiped my hand in the dish, I realized it was empty! At least Shawn got something! I stood there for a second or 2 wondering if I still needed to wait for it to come out. Then as I looked at the cashier she was starting to ring up the next guys stuff. I asked her if there was supposed to be change and she looked at the change machine and said “I don’t know what’s wrong with this thing” and mumbled something unintelligible while getting my change (78 cents I might add) out of the register. She apologized and I commented how I hate those machines!

Now that we are here in Las Vegas with my parents Christopher has no friends (and no desire to go out and make any at this point) all he wanted to do was play on the computer or watch TV. When Mother gets up then she becomes the master of the TV and Christopher is out of luck! On Saturday he was grounded from the computer so it was time for me to find other things for him to do. We cleaned off the patio and opened up the Ping Pong table. Everyone but Mother was out their playing. Father was really out of practice and said this was only the second time that the ping pong table had been used since they had moved.

ping pong 2 ping pong 1

After we all got tired (except Christopher) his creative juices began flowing and he made a golf putter out of a rolled up newspaper, electrical tape and a chip clip! Then, using the ping pong balls he began playing!

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