Well, due to my mother’s health Christopher and I are going in Las Vegas! She has been in and out of hospitals, but is home now and doing much better, but my lease is up at the end of December and so we are going to move here to be close to my parents. I knew this day was coming but it snuck up on me rather quickly. I had planned on August of ’07, but here I am. I would rather move here in the winter! Get out of Utah winters just in time, and get here before Vegas summer! Christopher and I went back to Salt Lake for 3 days just to get more stuff packed and take care of a few things, and we ran into a snow storm as we approached Spanish Fork and it was FREEZING for the next 2 days! Christopher was glad to be leaving the cold and coming back here! Since most of our stuff is still up there we will be going back to SLC between Christmas and New Years, backing up and moving. I am going to apply at Head Start and maybe a few other places and see if I can get me a job, and then an apartment. We’ll see what happens.

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