Now that we are here in Las Vegas with my parents Christopher has no friends (and no desire to go out and make any at this point) all he wanted to do was play on the computer or watch TV. When Mother gets up then she becomes the master of the TV and Christopher is out of luck! On Saturday he was grounded from the computer so it was time for me to find other things for him to do. We cleaned off the patio and opened up the Ping Pong table. Everyone but Mother was out their playing. Father was really out of practice and said this was only the second time that the ping pong table had been used since they had moved.

ping pong 2 ping pong 1

After we all got tired (except Christopher) his creative juices began flowing and he made a golf putter out of a rolled up newspaper, electrical tape and a chip clip! Then, using the ping pong balls he began playing!