Well my mother is in the hospital again. She was in the emergency room for 24 hours before a bed was available for her, but the doctor determined it was her gall bladder this time and so he wanted to send a scope thingy down her throat to look at stuff, but since she has been on a blood thinner to remove a small clot in her lung her blood is too thin to do this procedure. So they are giving her blood time to thicken.

I decided I would play Shawn and take some interesting pictures of stuff in the hospital. I am not as good as Shawn but here you go:

aa iv aa air 2

aa air aa cord

aa curtain aa drip

aa gauge aa adjust

There were little symbols on the controller for Mother to use…can you guess what each one means? If you want to know…just make a comment and ask and I will email you the answers.

aa buttons aa nurse