Well, since my Mother has been so sick off and on, she has not been able to get her hair fixed, colored, nor cut! It has been driving her crazy. Now keep in mind that she has been getting her hair fixed once a week for years! She finally felt good enough to make and appointment this week and go get it done. I drove her down to her favorite beauticianist and the process began. She got it cut and styled, but not colored. I had fun sitting there taking pictures without the flash so they did not know when I was really taking them.

beauty 1 beauty 2

beauty 3 beauty 4

beauty 5 beauty 6

beauty 7 beauty 8

And her she is leaving the beauty shop, all gussied up. I really should have taken a picture of her before so I could do a before and after picture, but there are several pictures throughout my blog of her in the last few months, so you can get an idea.

beauty 9