February 2007

We live in a very low rain area, and water is to be conserved at all cost. So when it started to really rain on Saturday, I thought “oooh, I’m gunna wash mothers car”. It haden’t been washed since my last trip to SLC when I moved. So I grabbed my rain poncho and backed mother’s car out of the garage, while father, deciding that was a good idea, grabbed a bucket and some soap. I hadn’t intended for father to join me since I was the only one with a rain protective device, but he put on his windbreaker (no good for rain, I might add! Hence the name) and put a grocery bag on his head, and helped me. I had Christopher grab my camera.

father 1 dah 1

I was hurrying to get it done, just in case the rain stopped, which it usually does rather shortly, but it kept going, and so did we! We washed all 3 cars and then it slowed down and stopped. There was more water in the flood channel than I had ever seen, although, remember I have only been here a few months. Father was soaked, of course, but we got it done! After bringing their cars back into the garage we dried them off so their would not be a ton of spots. I didn’t care what mine looked like, it was clean enough. Not bad for a free and water saving car wash!


Well Mother finally felt well enough to go to church, only Sacament Meeting, but that was the first time since the beginning of November! She her skinny self? The doc is not happy that she is so skinny (116 lbs) and wants her back up a bit to 140. Yeah, right, doc! You get her to eat more than we do! Good luck with that!

church 2 church 1

Okay, so I wanted to try a new hair cut. I was watching a show on tv and I really liked this one ladies hair style so I grabbed my camera and took a picture. It isn’t the greatest picture and the funny stretch on the tv made it look a little stretched in the back, but it was okay. I thought I would just get it cut while mother is getting hers done. I took it down to this hair cutting chain store and showed the picture…

hair style

…to the gal. She talked and cut and it kept getting shorter and shorter. I kept thinking that maybe it just looked shorter than it really was, but soon realized it was way to short. I am not a yelling screaming kind of person, at least not with strangers, and just said it looked fine. She was actually in a hurry to get out of there, and mother said she would pay for both our cuts at the same time, so just after I got up she cleaned up and left. Even the other ladies hadn’t known she left. When Mother saw my hair she commented that it was too short and the manager, who was actually doing mother’s hair saw me her eyes got big and she said “That’s really short, was it supposed to be that short?” when I said no she asked to look at the picture and noticed that it was even to short to curl, which was what I had wanted. Consequently, she said they wouldn’t charge us for the cut since she had cut it so wrong. I went home and took pictures to put on my blog to show everyone.

hair 1 hair 2

I have had to get creative with it. When I curled it as much as I could it kind of looks like my mothers.
curled 2 curled 1
But it is only hair and it grows back in time. I did want it short, so now I know how it feels to cut it shorter than I ever dared! But if I have bed hair, I just we it down and comb it and it looks a bit better. I can’t seem to get it to lay down flat really, I must have cowlicks I didn’t know about. Now I know how Christopher feels!

Okay, most of you have heard that Christopher got hit by a car. It happened on Feb 2nd (so I will date this entry as that). Really they kind of hit each other, but the bike (his old bmx one, not the new one!) and Christopher did, of course, get the worst end of the deal. The road, coming from the school, is going down a hill, and a car was just leaving the stop sign he was coming to. So instead of stopping at the stop sign, and since his breaks weren’t slowing him down quite as much as he needed, he decided to try to cross with the car just leaving the stop sign he was coming to. Unfortunately, he could not keep up with the car and by the time he was coming to the middle of the intersection the car was already through, and the cross traffic, not seeing him, started to go. The driver saw Christopher just a split second before he hit the front fender, and she slammed on her brakes. He flew up onto the hood of the truck, slamming his right thigh and inside left shin against the side of the truck in the process, then he flew or rolled off and landed on the pavement, hitting his chin and scraping his hands to stop his head and face from hitting the ground. In the diagram the red arrow is Christopher and the aqua one is the truck.

cth accident scene big

Meanwhile, I was at home wondering what was taking him so long to get home, figuring he must be riding with his new friend. After a while the phone rings and it is a police officer telling me he has hit a car and that he has a cut on his chin, but that he appears to be all right. He then asks me if I would like to come down there. I told Mother where I was going and grabbed my purse and drove to the intersection. As I drove up I saw several vehicles with flashing lights. A few cop cars, an ambulance, a fire truck and a bunch of people standing in a large circle with Christopher sitting in the middle of this circle, in the middle of the intersection, I might add! There were a few dents to the truck, and the trucks front tire was on his bike. Because Christopher had not learned our phone number here, nor the address, the officers called the school. The principal and another lady came down to the accident with his emergency info to call.

So they all told me what happened and the paramedics thought that he might need a stitch in his chin and asked if I wanted to take him to the hospital or if I wanted them to take him. I said I would and told them I had just moved here and asked where the best place to take him was. There was actually an urgent care place not very far.

After taking him down there and waiting for quite a while the doc said, “yes”, it needed a stitch. Christopher did not want a stitch and said he was willing to live with a scar (at his age scars cool, but I keep telling him that when you grow up, they are not so cool anymore!) The doc said he might be able to use dermabond and glue it, but that if it didn’t hold he would have to put a stitch in it. I think the most pain he had through this whole thing was when they had to clean the area before they could glue it. It glued just fine and no stitch was needed. He had some nasty bruises on his legs for a while but even they healed. Here are a few pictures of his chin. The first one is the day after with the steristrips over it to help hold the glue. The other is after it started healing and the steristrips had fallen off.

chin 1 chin