Okay, so I wanted to try a new hair cut. I was watching a show on tv and I really liked this one ladies hair style so I grabbed my camera and took a picture. It isn’t the greatest picture and the funny stretch on the tv made it look a little stretched in the back, but it was okay. I thought I would just get it cut while mother is getting hers done. I took it down to this hair cutting chain store and showed the picture…

hair style

…to the gal. She talked and cut and it kept getting shorter and shorter. I kept thinking that maybe it just looked shorter than it really was, but soon realized it was way to short. I am not a yelling screaming kind of person, at least not with strangers, and just said it looked fine. She was actually in a hurry to get out of there, and mother said she would pay for both our cuts at the same time, so just after I got up she cleaned up and left. Even the other ladies hadn’t known she left. When Mother saw my hair she commented that it was too short and the manager, who was actually doing mother’s hair saw me her eyes got big and she said “That’s really short, was it supposed to be that short?” when I said no she asked to look at the picture and noticed that it was even to short to curl, which was what I had wanted. Consequently, she said they wouldn’t charge us for the cut since she had cut it so wrong. I went home and took pictures to put on my blog to show everyone.

hair 1 hair 2

I have had to get creative with it. When I curled it as much as I could it kind of looks like my mothers.
curled 2 curled 1
But it is only hair and it grows back in time. I did want it short, so now I know how it feels to cut it shorter than I ever dared! But if I have bed hair, I just we it down and comb it and it looks a bit better. I can’t seem to get it to lay down flat really, I must have cowlicks I didn’t know about. Now I know how Christopher feels!