We live in a very low rain area, and water is to be conserved at all cost. So when it started to really rain on Saturday, I thought “oooh, I’m gunna wash mothers car”. It haden’t been washed since my last trip to SLC when I moved. So I grabbed my rain poncho and backed mother’s car out of the garage, while father, deciding that was a good idea, grabbed a bucket and some soap. I hadn’t intended for father to join me since I was the only one with a rain protective device, but he put on his windbreaker (no good for rain, I might add! Hence the name) and put a grocery bag on his head, and helped me. I had Christopher grab my camera.

father 1 dah 1

I was hurrying to get it done, just in case the rain stopped, which it usually does rather shortly, but it kept going, and so did we! We washed all 3 cars and then it slowed down and stopped. There was more water in the flood channel than I had ever seen, although, remember I have only been here a few months. Father was soaked, of course, but we got it done! After bringing their cars back into the garage we dried them off so their would not be a ton of spots. I didn’t care what mine looked like, it was clean enough. Not bad for a free and water saving car wash!