March 2007

I don’t know why people hate them so much, they are so fascinating! I understand that they are poisonous, but you just have to keep a healthy distance! As a child my mother scared the spit out of me, just teaching me about black widows. For those of you who have heard my black widow/tarantula story, you know my childhood fright problem. I am the kind of person that if I learn about what I am afraid of, then I’m not afraid of it any more. So I have learned a lot about widows and am no longer afraid. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t play with them or touch them or anything. Stupid I am not. But they are very interesting…really!!

a widow
I took this picture outside last night, outside in the back yard. Then we smashed her!!


Well, my Mother is now walking around without her walker and using only her cane!

a mother2 a mother1

Well, Christopher’s 13th birthday is finally here. He is officially a teen. While we were in SLC at Christmas he rode “The Wave” that one of his friends got, so of course, he wanted one for his birthday. I was able to save a little money by getting one on eBay.


close eyes open eyes
opening 2 opening 3

Colette and I were talking about auto accidents that we had seen and I remembered one I had seen in SLC before moving here. I realized that I had not ever written a blog about it and I wondered if I had the shots of it still on my computer and went looking for them, and sure enough, I found them. I took these pictures on a cold, stormy day in November (the 11th, actually) as I was on my way to the trax station to go to my pottery class. The accident was bad enough that the lifeflight guys had landed their helicopter in the intersection. I had my camera with me so I just kept taking shots as I was driving.

accdnt1 accdnt2

accdnt3 accdnt4

accdnt5 downtown
Okay, that last one isn’t of the accident but of Temple square from the south west corner of the intersection of south temple and west temple.

Okay, most of you know I have worked with children for years. Now that I need a job, in between semesters of going to school, I decided to apply for the Head Start program here, and since I worked for Head Start for 6 1/2 years I figured I was a shoe in! I put an application in just before their Christmas break, and it was the last day to apply, I had not known they were in the process of hiring. I checked back a week after New Years and they said that if I was to be interviewed they would call me. Well, I had given up, I mean, it was the middle of February now, but as I answered the phone on the 20th of February it was Head Start calling me in for an interview on that next Thursday. I could hardly believe it.

So the interview went fine and a few days later they called and offered me a job. So I went down to their offices and filled out paperwork. One of the things I needed to do, and have always had to have to work with kids, was to have a TB test done to show… well… that I don’t have TB, right? As I was in the line to get the test done, I was thinking of all the times I had had to get this test done, but suddenly I remembered the last time I had done it. I had a small reaction and the nurse lady said she wasn’t sure but that she thought it was positive. That is a problem! So I had to go back to my Head Start people and they sent me to the local hospital to have my chest x-rayed to see for sure. I, of course, did not have TB. So the next year the Head Start people said I did not have to have the test done. I was happy about that, because, for those of you who have never had it, it is not real fun. It is really not all that bad, I guess, but they inject (yes, with a needle) some purified TB stuff under your skin. It even makes a bump for a while until your body absorbs it. 3 days later you go back for them to “read” it and see if you are positive.

As I was called in to the nurse I thought I had better tell her I had a positive reaction once, but she asked if I had any documentation and I didn’t so she gave me the test. It was in 2000 that it happened so maybe it wouldn’t happen again. This was on a Friday and I had until Monday to see what happened. On Saturday it began to get red, and continued to get redder as the day wore on. Bad sign! On Sunday, it was really red and I thought I might be out of a job. Sure enough on Monday when I went to have it “read”, it was positive.

test 2 test 1

The nurse I got this time was nice (the one I had before was grumpy!) and explained that once you have a positive reaction you should never have the test done again. It will continue to have a bigger reaction and eventually scar! She said they should have told me that and given me documentation stating that to give to those requiring the test. She referred me to a place to get chest x-rays done and that she really doubted that I had TB since I had no symptoms. Since she didn’t seem shocked about my positive reaction and she had a whole pile of maps to the place for x-rays, so I asked if this happens a lot. She said not a lot but quite often they get someone with a positive reaction. In fact as we were talking about this, the nurse in the next cubical had been reading several other people when I heard her having this conversation with someone else. So I guess I’m not the only one after all! So, I will never have to have that test again, but instead I have to get chest x-rays every 2 years! That’s what I get for complaining! You’ld think I’d learn.

I got the x-rays done and a week later they sent me a paper saying it was negative. So I get to start my new job after all.