Colette and I were talking about auto accidents that we had seen and I remembered one I had seen in SLC before moving here. I realized that I had not ever written a blog about it and I wondered if I had the shots of it still on my computer and went looking for them, and sure enough, I found them. I took these pictures on a cold, stormy day in November (the 11th, actually) as I was on my way to the trax station to go to my pottery class. The accident was bad enough that the lifeflight guys had landed their helicopter in the intersection. I had my camera with me so I just kept taking shots as I was driving.

accdnt1 accdnt2

accdnt3 accdnt4

accdnt5 downtown
Okay, that last one isn’t of the accident but of Temple square from the south west corner of the intersection of south temple and west temple.