On the last day of work with the kids, we did a closing day celebration party and I volunteered for face painting. I’ve done it before, but it has been a long time. I was an art major and you would think this would be a cinch, but my supplies were limited and I was not going to buy real face paint out of my own money, so I was stuck using the paints the kids use for art projects. Also all of my own personal brushes and supplies are…you guessed it, PACKED!  Well, my butterfly and spider were the most popular (and you can bet which gender chose what!)

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Unfortunately, because of the kind of paint that it was, after it dried out, it cracked and fell off. The gal who was doing it with me decided to go with those really thin flexible, stencils and a sponge brush, and they lasted for hours! We even did each other and wore them all day (even when we all went out to eat!)  They were much cuter too!