June 2007

While in Arizona we got to visit old friends. Krissy took the girls and Christopher swimming while the rest of us sat and visited.

girls in pool pool cleaner

The funniest thing, while the kids were swimming, was Anna watching at the sliding glass door wanting to go out go swimming with them but not being able to get out.

anna watches


Today we left for Shawn and Krissy’s in Arizona. In doing this we have to cross Hoover Dam to get there and it gave us a glimpse of the construction going on there. Due to the heavy load of traffic over the dam they are building a new bridge over the river just a little down stream.

(see for information: http://www.hooverdambypass.org/schedule.htm)

I don’t like crossing the dam due to all the winding to get down to in and then up the other side. Plus the traffic is crazy and it is jam packed with tourists, too! But I got some interesting pictures crossing it. It is amazing to see the power lines that stick out over the edges, they look like they are falling off! And here is a shot of the support columns for the new bridge. They have to be so high to keep the traffic flowing from the top so we won’t have to wind down to the dam.

power lines new bridge

hoover dam az

Well, we picked our first watermelon of the season.

watermelon watermelon2
Remember these were personal sized melons, but we still think we picked them just a hair too early. But, notice the tomatoes sitting there. They are from the garden too.

I like having a garden. I’m not the best at it but I still like to do it. So, as it got warmer here, I asked Father if it was okay with him if I plant some things where there are unused drippers due to some plants in the landscape having died. He said sure and even bought a patio tomato right off to plant in one of these spots. I planted some personal sized watermelon, zucchini, butternut squash and cherry tomato seeds.

zucchini3 cherry tomato

Here are some of the watermelons and Father is thumping them to see how they sound.

watermelon thumping melon

The funny and sad thing is as it got hotter, the sun, of course began to fry the plants, so I had to put a shield in front of the tomatoes to keep them from frying in the afternoon sun.

hiding tomatos wmelon

See the watermelon hiding in the greenery?