January 2008

In August I bought some really green bananas. You know how bananas just ripen on their own? I discovered that sometimes they just really don’t. Because they didn’t ripen we had to buy others to eat while these were still ripening. Compare the color. The green was even not a real true green. Sort of sickly-ish!

green bananas


After a few weeks they were still sort of green, that sickly green, but the stems were black like they were over ripe!

green bananas2

So Mother opened one and ate it. I was a weird kind of ripe. Weird texture too!

Then a few months ago Father bought some bananas at Costco and these were extremely green, too. And the same thing happened. Mother tried the paper bag trick and after a week in the bag they were kind of ripe, again.

I suggest that we don’t buy really green bananas!


When I was still living in Vernal (2003), I took a quilting class at the library where I was working. Even though I loved the pattern, it really was not a beginner class, and I got frustrated and stopped. The next class they taught was a beginner and I decided to try it again. It was to make a quilt out of bright fabrics. So since I had started one for me, I thought I would do this one for Christopher. I knew he would love the brights and we could really make it fun. I had to use a bunch of different fabrics, but after I had bought them and was starting to cut them to the size I needed, there were a few I had picked that I just really didn’t end up liking. So I decided to let Christopher pick out some and then in the years to come it would be that much more special to him. He picked a Scooby-Doo, Garfield, Sponge Bob and a few others. I had finished the quilt top before we moved to SLC, but that is where it stayed until the summer of 2006 when I put the pointy edging on (royal pain!) I even got it pinned to the batting and backing, but was not sure how to sew it. Then summer was over and back to school we went. It again stayed in that box until last summer here in Las Vegas. I was determined to finish it, once and for all! I got it out and had to take out some of the edging and redo it to make it fit right to the corners. Then I had to decide what I was going to do about the machine quilting. I looked it up on the Internet and just decide to go for it. I had bought the special foot for the sewing machine while in SLC, so I was ready to go. I had to roll it up to get it up under the arm of the machine.

blanket2 blanket1

It fits a double bed so it was big and a pain, but I DID IT!

I finished it on August 4, 2007!


blanket4 blanket3

In August Christopher started his physical fitness merit badge. This is a big 3 month one and all the boys are working on it. One of the things he is doing is jumping rope. He really wasn’t any good at it at the beginning but quickly improved. The funny thing was that his hair was so long that it would really fly!  He would do it with no shirt sometimes and then miss and whip himself in the back….see?

cth jumprope cth back

Wow! Has it aver been ages since I blogged! (FYI: Father over fertilized that plant and it promptly died!) Well I will try to catch you all up on my life, but it may take me a while! So keep checking back and I promise I will get caught up!