In August I bought some really green bananas. You know how bananas just ripen on their own? I discovered that sometimes they just really don’t. Because they didn’t ripen we had to buy others to eat while these were still ripening. Compare the color. The green was even not a real true green. Sort of sickly-ish!

green bananas


After a few weeks they were still sort of green, that sickly green, but the stems were black like they were over ripe!

green bananas2

So Mother opened one and ate it. I was a weird kind of ripe. Weird texture too!

Then a few months ago Father bought some bananas at Costco and these were extremely green, too. And the same thing happened. Mother tried the paper bag trick and after a week in the bag they were kind of ripe, again.

I suggest that we don’t buy really green bananas!