Well, most, if not all of you know about my father’s accident, but I will give a synopsis. He was coming home from the storehouse and giving a ride home to another man who works there. As he approached the intersection that he wanted to turn left at, he got in the left turn lane and there was already a car going through and he thought he had the left arrow so he followed that car through.


In the picture Father is the red arrow.

At this part of the story we are not exactly sure what happened, but Father’s passenger said that the car that hit them swerved out from behind another car. It came through the light and hit them mostly at the front passenger side bumper.


The airbags deployed and saved them both from very much injury. But the hit turned them around as if they were now going west, and the SUV that hit him had now gone into a brick wall at the corner.


He called me on my cell phone just as I was leaving work and I rushed over there. He was still shaking real bad, but mostly okay. The car was towed off and he received a citation because the officer said it was his fault. The next day we went to get stuff out of the car just in case it was to be totaled. So I took my camera along to show you all.

aa front left aa side

Even though it looks this bad Father thought it might not be totaled.

aa front right aa under hood

He said that it looked like it wasn’t into the engine block.

aa open dash aa inside

I brightened this picture on the left to show how the dash came open to let the passenger airbag out. In the one on the right you can see how the steering wheel popped open to do the same thing.

Because the lady that had been in front had come back to help and give her story, we know now that it was not a green arrow, it was the green light AFTER the green arrow, which means to yield to oncoming traffic.

We were informed a few days ago that they are going to total it out and just pay Father for it. I suggested that they keep the money and I will go buy my own car. They certianlly don’t need 2 cars anymore anyway, and I do need my own car!