I was trying the other blog site, but have come back to this one. I don’t have time to figure it out which made me loose interest. So Reader’s Digest catchup time:
* we moved to AZ
* got job in Higley School District
* economy going down the toilet (not necessarily in that order)
* got laid off
* CTH got sick, and Dr’s taking forever to find the problem
* cant find work
* CTH withdrawn from school 2 days before last day of 10th grade and can’t go back until docs figure it out
* got job as…well, they called it a service manager, but it was lots of stuff, working from home…hated it!
* CTH decides to go for GED, he hated school anyway
* looking for way to quit my job
* inspiration comes and I apply to ASU one month before classes start, to go back to school…AGAIN!
* CTH finishes testing for starting GED program…and they tell him they think he’s ready to go take the test!
* Mother is getting weaker and weaker, so trying to get old person scooter
* Father is not feeling good a lot more of the time, with more confusion and sleeping

Ok, I think that covers the highlights…so we will start from here……………. . . . . . . . . . . . .