I really hope that in the hereafter with our perfected bodies that we get to be clean all the time without the need for showers or baths. I think we should just have the dirt and grime bounce right off as if we are made of teflon! I am so tired of taking showers. Well, really it is not the shower it’s self, it is all the stuff afterward. Drying off, and if you feel so inclined, powdering. Then deodorant, and face lotion so your skin doesn’t look like someone is stretching it. Then there is hair. Drying it enough with the towel so you don’t continue to drip all over yourself and then brushing it, but watch for tangles, that will stretch your hair and cause unneeded split ends…and it is really not even dry yet, so if you use a hair dryer, depending on your hairstyle, you need to use a big brush to get it into the shape you want, because if you let it air dry, you look like you got out of the pool and let it dry. Oh, and ears, now you have water in your ears so must use a cotton swab and get that excess out….ok, I am ready for a nap now, and I am not even dressed yet!