Be careful what is on your antenna when you get your car washed if they use those big shammy covered rollers that go along the side and top of your car. Now, don’t get me wrong, those shammy things did an excellent job of getting 6 months of dirt and grime off my car, but when I heard the thunk, I knew what happened. Mr Wienerschnitzel along with my antenna went flying! I pulled out and went back to see for sure and sure enough, I was right, and yes, Mr. Wiendrschnitzel was still hanging on for dear life!

I was able to get a replacement so I can listen to Glenn Beck again! $11.27 (or so) later! I almost didn’t get my car washed, because I am living on an extremely tight budget, but the thought of doing it myself overcame my reluctance. Well, it cost me more than I thought it would, didn’t it. But now, I can just take off the replacement and drive thru again in another 6 months and be worry free!

I got this idea from a lady in my ward and I have missed a few days, but will stick with it and maybe November will be better…

CTH tries to stay awake during conference…awake? He said he was…

Not so sure I can tell you about this, even now, a year later, I am tearing up thinking about her.   Kia, my little … I always hate to say mutt, but she was…  (1/2 miniature dachshund, 1/4 toy poodle, & 1/4 pomeranian), who I had for 15 years got really sick several times in a row and was not getting better, so we had to have her put so sleep.  She had been blind for 2 years already, but had actually coped pretty well. Christopher had a really tough time of it, as she was his little buddy.  She slept with him  and took her everywhere in the house and yard with him. For those of you who knew her, you loved her too.



I keep a sticky lint remover standing up on the kitchen counter so I can use it conveniently. One morning in September I went out into the kitchen and found a little cockroach sitting on it. Stuck really. He (or she, who really knows) must have wondered what was at the top and decided to climb it. Big surprise for him (or her). It was stuck pretty solid. I took a few pictures thinking it may free it’s self at any moment.

roach 2 roach 1

Then I decided that to get the full effect you really needed to see it struggle to get free, so I switched my camera to video and filmed it. Christopher was playing the part of the wind storm in showing you how stuck it really was. Now this is interesting family entertainment!

When I first heard the word blog, I didn’t like it.  It is a ridiculous sounding word.  Couldn’t they come up with something snappy? Well, now I have a blog, but I still don’t like that goofy word.  After my last entry I did a spell check.  They have a nice little button here to do that with.  The funny thing was that the only word that the spell check didn’t like was “blog”.  Yep, even the blog doesn’t like the word “blog”.

I decided to make cookies one day and got out the margarine to soften ahead of time. You know how it has those convenient little marks on the wrappers so you know how to cut it up? Well…these were a little hard to figure out this time.

margarine packaging1

I was glad I needed the whole thing and didn’t need 3 Tablespoons!

margarine packaging2

I have to admit I was a little startled by this. I mean, I have used cubes of margarine for YEARS, but, I have never had it look like this. I realized I had another package of this brand in the fridge I had purchased at the same time. I just had to look! Sure enough, it was the same way! I may never see this again, but at least I have evidence!!

In August Mother and I decided (I suggested, and she agreed) that I would put together a family picture wall above the couch. I laid the pictures, 1930 census copy (that she is on as a baby), and a few other family things on the floor to play with the layout.


I used Fathers level to make sure things were lined up right as I put them on the wall. Later I found him going around the house leveling some of the large things in the on the walls. I thought this was a rather odd thing for him to be doing and snapped a few shots.

ath1 ath2
He is funny about the level of things sometimes.

When I was still living in Vernal (2003), I took a quilting class at the library where I was working. Even though I loved the pattern, it really was not a beginner class, and I got frustrated and stopped. The next class they taught was a beginner and I decided to try it again. It was to make a quilt out of bright fabrics. So since I had started one for me, I thought I would do this one for Christopher. I knew he would love the brights and we could really make it fun. I had to use a bunch of different fabrics, but after I had bought them and was starting to cut them to the size I needed, there were a few I had picked that I just really didn’t end up liking. So I decided to let Christopher pick out some and then in the years to come it would be that much more special to him. He picked a Scooby-Doo, Garfield, Sponge Bob and a few others. I had finished the quilt top before we moved to SLC, but that is where it stayed until the summer of 2006 when I put the pointy edging on (royal pain!) I even got it pinned to the batting and backing, but was not sure how to sew it. Then summer was over and back to school we went. It again stayed in that box until last summer here in Las Vegas. I was determined to finish it, once and for all! I got it out and had to take out some of the edging and redo it to make it fit right to the corners. Then I had to decide what I was going to do about the machine quilting. I looked it up on the Internet and just decide to go for it. I had bought the special foot for the sewing machine while in SLC, so I was ready to go. I had to roll it up to get it up under the arm of the machine.

blanket2 blanket1

It fits a double bed so it was big and a pain, but I DID IT!

I finished it on August 4, 2007!


blanket4 blanket3

I like having a garden. I’m not the best at it but I still like to do it. So, as it got warmer here, I asked Father if it was okay with him if I plant some things where there are unused drippers due to some plants in the landscape having died. He said sure and even bought a patio tomato right off to plant in one of these spots. I planted some personal sized watermelon, zucchini, butternut squash and cherry tomato seeds.

zucchini3 cherry tomato

Here are some of the watermelons and Father is thumping them to see how they sound.

watermelon thumping melon

The funny and sad thing is as it got hotter, the sun, of course began to fry the plants, so I had to put a shield in front of the tomatoes to keep them from frying in the afternoon sun.

hiding tomatos wmelon

See the watermelon hiding in the greenery?

As I drive around there are areas that are not built up much or are just open areas and due to what people drop or are careless with, the wind blows it around and it can get real trashy in lots of spots.

aa trash2 aa trash1

Even in our back yard there is always stuff blowing up over the walls or through the gate. I guess this will always be the case. I also keep seeing bags EVERYWHERE! I know that this bag was a recent wind deposit, because these people keep there lot very nice. It just goes to show that the wind is no respecter of persons!

aa bag

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