Shawn and Krissy came for dinner and brought pumpkins to carve…for fun, and FHE!
I ran out of room for downloading my pictures on here, and can’t afford the upgrade, so will have to think of something else…..?

Well, I have not blogged for some time and so thought I would make a quick note. We (as if I put any money into this) have bought a house in Arizona and move (actually drive out of town) in just over a week, on Friday the 27th. I will be so glad to get out of this crazy town! Las Vegas is not for the faint of heart! The news makes you think that it is crazy here…which it is. I rarely watch the news just for this reason. Take today for example. The news came as I was taking a break between packing boxes. There is a restaurant that has been broken into and/or robbed 4 times in the last 30 days. The last one that happened last night was caught on camera as a man drove his suv into the doors and knocked them down. I would be taking greater measures than these people seem to be taking…or I would close up shop!!! Okay, back to the subject. We are moving, finally moving!


Well, my mother has finely decided that she has had enough of Las Vegas and wants to move to Arizona. We all have come to the realization that my parents need too much care to be totally on their own anymore and that the situation will really never improve. So, Christopher and I really cannot move out. We decided that as time goes by and they need more help, it would be a good idea to live near other close family members. We all really liked the area that Shawn and Krissy are in, so we decided to go see what we could find in the way of houses. We looked online and narrowed it down to several houses and we found one that is really perfect for us and only about 15-20 minutes from them. Also, if Cassie and Alex get the house they want we will only be 5-10 minutes from them, so there is double the support!

So, now we go back and see if we can sell the house we are in for a decent price! There is, of course, a lot more to it than that, but is the readers digest version. Pray for us!! The way the market is now we really need that help. Like our Bishop said; it really doesn’t matter what the market is, if you are to go you’re house will sell.

Well, most, if not all of you know about my father’s accident, but I will give a synopsis. He was coming home from the storehouse and giving a ride home to another man who works there. As he approached the intersection that he wanted to turn left at, he got in the left turn lane and there was already a car going through and he thought he had the left arrow so he followed that car through.


In the picture Father is the red arrow.

At this part of the story we are not exactly sure what happened, but Father’s passenger said that the car that hit them swerved out from behind another car. It came through the light and hit them mostly at the front passenger side bumper.


The airbags deployed and saved them both from very much injury. But the hit turned them around as if they were now going west, and the SUV that hit him had now gone into a brick wall at the corner.


He called me on my cell phone just as I was leaving work and I rushed over there. He was still shaking real bad, but mostly okay. The car was towed off and he received a citation because the officer said it was his fault. The next day we went to get stuff out of the car just in case it was to be totaled. So I took my camera along to show you all.

aa front left aa side

Even though it looks this bad Father thought it might not be totaled.

aa front right aa under hood

He said that it looked like it wasn’t into the engine block.

aa open dash aa inside

I brightened this picture on the left to show how the dash came open to let the passenger airbag out. In the one on the right you can see how the steering wheel popped open to do the same thing.

Because the lady that had been in front had come back to help and give her story, we know now that it was not a green arrow, it was the green light AFTER the green arrow, which means to yield to oncoming traffic.

We were informed a few days ago that they are going to total it out and just pay Father for it. I suggested that they keep the money and I will go buy my own car. They certianlly don’t need 2 cars anymore anyway, and I do need my own car!

In August Mother and I decided (I suggested, and she agreed) that I would put together a family picture wall above the couch. I laid the pictures, 1930 census copy (that she is on as a baby), and a few other family things on the floor to play with the layout.


I used Fathers level to make sure things were lined up right as I put them on the wall. Later I found him going around the house leveling some of the large things in the on the walls. I thought this was a rather odd thing for him to be doing and snapped a few shots.

ath1 ath2
He is funny about the level of things sometimes.

While in Arizona we got to visit old friends. Krissy took the girls and Christopher swimming while the rest of us sat and visited.

girls in pool pool cleaner

The funniest thing, while the kids were swimming, was Anna watching at the sliding glass door wanting to go out go swimming with them but not being able to get out.

anna watches

Well, for those of you who know me pretty well, you know I like to have a garden. While we were in the apartment in SLC this was not possible, but I thought I might be able to swing a little bit here. So, knowing that their vegetation is all on a dripper system and that a few of the plants had died and that there are “empty” drippers, I asked if this would be okay. They agreed, and Father even got a patio tomato plant to put out there. I think I get my gardening “gene” from him. He has almost always had something “gardenish” growing. I guess growing up on a farm just doesn’t get out of your blood! What is that saying, “you can take the man out of the garden, but you can’t take the garden out of the man” or something like that. When they moved here, they had the entire yard done so that it took almost no work. However, he will plant something, still, like a small tomato next to a tree. So when I suggested planting so things he thought that was great.

I didn’t want to try things like peas, beans, cauliflower or broccoli, but some other things that would be easier. I went with watermelon, zucchini and butternut squash, along with the tomato he had planted and I also got a grape tomato. I planted the watermelon seeds and zucchini in march (you can do that in the middle of the dessert!) and just waited for them to come up and grow. By April 24th this is what they looked like:



Now, I don’t know if you can tell, but I am actually closer to the watermelon! It is in a raised bed, a foot or so closer to the camera. Okay, so I have never grown zucchini before. For all you LDS people reading this, zucchini has a bad rap. People tend to grow too many plants and then try to “gift” the zucchini to others just to get rid if it all! We all know that zucchini is really only good for making zucchini bread, right? Well, you can only make so much of that! Actually, it is okay fried or in stir fry, too, but again, you can only eat so much of that too! So to be on the safe side I only saved one of the three plants that grew!

Well, my Mother is now walking around without her walker and using only her cane!

a mother2 a mother1

We live in a very low rain area, and water is to be conserved at all cost. So when it started to really rain on Saturday, I thought “oooh, I’m gunna wash mothers car”. It haden’t been washed since my last trip to SLC when I moved. So I grabbed my rain poncho and backed mother’s car out of the garage, while father, deciding that was a good idea, grabbed a bucket and some soap. I hadn’t intended for father to join me since I was the only one with a rain protective device, but he put on his windbreaker (no good for rain, I might add! Hence the name) and put a grocery bag on his head, and helped me. I had Christopher grab my camera.

father 1 dah 1

I was hurrying to get it done, just in case the rain stopped, which it usually does rather shortly, but it kept going, and so did we! We washed all 3 cars and then it slowed down and stopped. There was more water in the flood channel than I had ever seen, although, remember I have only been here a few months. Father was soaked, of course, but we got it done! After bringing their cars back into the garage we dried them off so their would not be a ton of spots. I didn’t care what mine looked like, it was clean enough. Not bad for a free and water saving car wash!

Well Mother finally felt well enough to go to church, only Sacament Meeting, but that was the first time since the beginning of November! She her skinny self? The doc is not happy that she is so skinny (116 lbs) and wants her back up a bit to 140. Yeah, right, doc! You get her to eat more than we do! Good luck with that!

church 2 church 1

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