Well, we finally went geocaching again! Christopher and I went and found 2 that weren’t very far away.

cache1a cache1b

cache2a cache2b

cache2d cache2c
It was a beautiful day, and these were both clever, yet easy!

Father wanted to go geocaching again now that Mother and I were back from Mesa. So I got out all the stuff and we went off again! The first one we found took us a few minutes due to the clues. None of us wanted to get bitten by any of the spiders we had found in the hiding spot, so Father put on his gloves and got it for us. It was a micro, so we only signed the log.

cache 1b cache 1a

So then we moved on to the next one. It was in a tree and attached to a limb so well that Christopher couldn’t get it down, although he gave it a good try, so Father figured it out and got it down. You have to remember this is July in Vegas! 107+ degrees! I was really glad this one was in the shade! We traded a few things, including a small “hello kitty” that Cassie’s daughter, Bekah, had asked me to put in a cache for her. Christopher took a hand buzzer. Oh, joy!

cache 2 a cache 2 b

Okay, so we still had a few more we could do, that I had put the co-ord’s in the unit, so off we went again, but as we made a u-ee in the road, across ran a …chipmunk, squirrel? Well it was some kind of kritter. Shawn seems to have all the fun with kritters, so had to include the only one I’ve come across!

cache 2 critter

Well, it ended up that the next one was partly in the shade, but once we got there, we found this one in record time, and got back in the car (of course the drunk looking guy sitting not far from there, as well as the litter of beer bottles urged us to be on the fast track!) It was a good hiding spot and I loved the container, which was one of those metal boxes that aol used to use to send out those stupid free cd’s (a few years ago a friend of mine put those cd’s all over in her garden to deter birds!)

cache3a cache3b

Father really seems to be hooked, so we did the last one. This one was so obvious after having found several in identical places that we walked right to it. It was located in a park, but the only unpleasant thing about this one, other than the heat, had to be the family sitting at a covered picnic table having a party. Don’t get me wrong, that was great, fine, but they had their rap music blasting from their car more than 100 feet away! I commented that if I lived across the street (yes, there were houses) that I would have called the cops! It was so stinkin’ LOUD!

cache 4a cache 4b

So, there you have the last caching marathon in Vegas. Maybe we will do it again sometime…but in winter, when the temperatures would be lovely for this kind of thing!

Well, I was able to grab one cache on the way out of Mesa. The funny thing was it was at a dog walking park and the tin they used was from dog breath mints.

cache 1 cache 2

Okay, I’m back in Las Vegas, and we finally get to go geocaching. First one we did was across from the temple and my Father found it.

cache 1b cache 1a

Then we went to the next one, but this one was a bit of a hike and I was in sandals, so Father and Christopher hiked to it, but the temperature was not very favorable, so I stayed in the car with the a/c…

cache 2a cache 2b

After that I suggested we be done but Father wanted to do more, so we headed to the next closest one, but this one had to do with, well let’s just say there was fake doggy poop in the cache. Christopher thought that was great and wanted to keep it, but I told him that it was part of the joke on the cachers and that it was supposed to stay with it…

cache 3a cache 3b

So, of course, Father wanted to do another one, so off we went to the next closest…

cache 4a cache 4b

After that I could see that Father was worn out, so we called it quits, with a bit of pushing on my part. Got 4-in-1 again!

Well, here we go again, out to find some more. We decided to look for several in and around a park not far from the Jordan River. We started out following the directions on the unit, but because of the area we were in we were trying to find a way around all the bushes and trees. We ended up hiking through part of it and got to a path we did not know was there (thanks to a lady walking the path). We got close to the cache but couldn’t seem to find it. Then I just looked down and there it was under a large branch on the ground.

geo 1aa geo 1ba

So, then as we followed the path we all realized we had stickers stuck in our shoes and socks. We came across a small picnic table and each pulled the stickers out. I had been wearing sandals and they were even between the sandal and the top of my foot. I had to almost turn my sandals inside out to get them all out. So we continued on the path and it led right back in the other direction to where we had started, but we had not seen it due to the direction in which it came back. So, since it took us right over by a cache we had looked for in the dark the night before, but could not find, we decided to give it another try. This one was a bit tricky. We knew it was a micro, but we still could not find it. It was in an area with a lot of trees and the unit kept wigging out. I had given up, but the kids were still looking when Joel said, “Hey, is this it?”. He just happened to pull on a sign on the fence, and the front part swung up and there it was, underneath! It was a sign about the fence and it had 2 metal plates and only the back one was attached on all 4 corners! I never would have looked there!

geo 2a geo 2b

Even though Lacie had sort of sprained her ankle doing skateboarding tricks, they decided to try some more. We drove to a place on the map that we did not know existed. It is a small scenic outlook and there was one hidden there. Some how I did not end up with pictures of it.

One more. We drove to a dog park and hiked around it and into the brush again, but on the other side of the Jordan River. We eventually found it and it had lots of kid stuff to trade, so the kids liked that. After trading and hiking back Lacie had had enough and we went home. Not bad, 4 in 1!

geo 3a geo 3b

Well, I am still playing catch up. On June 6th, 2006 we got Colette to go geocaching with us. I looked for ones close to her apartment to make it easier, and I found 3 not too far. The first one we found was at this sign to the small park next to the Jordan River Parkway. Colette found this first one.

geo 1a geo 1b

Then we walked down the path to the next one, about 1/10th of a mile down the walking path and Christopher found the next one hidden in the underbrush by some trees. Christopher had fun making a dorky face at the camera!

geo 2a geo 2b

Then came the hard part. You see, it was the beginning of summer and we had picked the hottest day so far this year to go. We had to work around Colette’s work schedule which made it a bit harder. I told her the next one was just over half a mile from this end and that it might be better to go to 4500 South and go that way but she said this was fine. So off we went. I had brought some bottles of water, but she is picky on which kind of water she likes and mine was not good enough, but she had to drink it anyway. I think she did not realize how far half a mile was and after less than a quarter of a mile she was asking how far it was and I reminded how far I had said, but, I guess she really hadn’t understood what I said and was complaining a bit. But we kept going on and finally found the cache hidden in some rocks.

geo 3a geo 3b

So, we signed the log and put everything back as we had found it. Then we started the walk back. That was, of course, worse and we were all dying by the time we got back to the car and the a/c! But we did well! We found 3 caches that day!

Well, I put off doing this post due to knowing it would take so long. But here goes. On the last post I said I had promised the kids that we would go geocaching that next day (June 2nd). So, we did. We started out by finding one in a little park along the Jordan River Parkway (along the Jordan River). After finding that one we headed toward the next closest one.
bb flag cache bb flag cache 2

As we gat farther down the walk way several people passed us on bikes and 2 young ladies on roller blades. As we were getting close to the area for the geocache, Lacie was out in front on her skateboard and I snapped a pic of her out in front, not noticing that she was coming upon the 2 roller bladers, having just shed their blades and climbing down into the bushes next to the river. Lacie heard them saying there was someone drowning down there. So, as we got closer we wanted to help but realized there was really nothing we could do and it might put us in danger as well.

aa getting there aa working hard

Just after we got there, a man and his son came along and tried to help, also. They climed down close to the girls and one of the girls handed them her cell phone to tell the 911 people where we were, as they continued to try to get the person out of the water. After a few minutes a mans head appeard and we thought they had done it and they would be helping him up, but after helping him up the man informed them that his girl friend was still in the water. He had been trying to help her, but was unable to keep her afloat. So with the help of these girls they were able to get her afloat and start to bring her out of the water. She had been under the water for several minutes and due to the strong current, had swallowed a lot of water. Her body was trying to get rid of it all and she threw up many times.

phone aa mans head

They finally got the girl up on the rocks by the path and she just collapsed, continueing to throw up! She was past worn out. It really was a miracle that she was alive! Even though I had my camera and was taking pictures of this whole thing, I know that it would be innappropriate to take pictures of her. We backed off after convincing the man on the phone that we were closer to 4500 south, rather than 4800 south (pointing out approximattly how far we were thanks to me standing there with a gps unit in my hand!) Seeing that there was nothing we could do, we headed down the path to finish finding our geocache. After walking a little way, I realized we had come too far and we headed back and realized that it was in about the same spot that the people had been rescued. Only now there were EMT’s along with an ambulence on the other side of the fence in the appartment complex parking lot that runs adjacent to the walkway. Along with that the police were running in from 4500 south and there we were staning along side like a bunch of looky-loo’s. Only we were really waiting for everyone to leave so we could look for the cache!

aa climbing down aa amb bbb

So just as everyone was leaving, and we were getting ready to be able to find that cache, wouldn’t you know it, along came a cameraman from channel 5 news! UGH! So he talked to the girls and got their story (5-10 minutes) and then he shot what must have been 15 minutes of the drop off in the river that spilled the couple out of the boat or whatever that they were in. You could still see one of the oars floating around (left arrow) in a spot that was a bit of a whirlpool and trapped stuff at the edge of the drop off. You can see a balloon floating around (right arrow) in that area, too!

aa newsman drop off a

After all that, we couldn’t find that darn cache! But Christipher did find a snake skin.

cc snake skin

Well, we went in the dark, and knowing we would be by the river, we sprayed down with bug spray (the good amway stuff!), and Christopher put on a long sleeved hoody. We took flashlights and headed out. It was on a bridge, over the Jordan River, and it took us a few minutes to find it, but no one wanted to stick their hand in the spot due to having found a nice spiderweb and spider right below the spot. So I distroyed the web and reached in and got it. Then, after opening it and finding no pencil, muggles (non-geocaching folk) started over the bridge. So we just headed for the car. As we were leaving the bridge Lacie and Christopher were shining the flashlights around and found a momma skunk and her babies, but I was too far ahead to get back in time with my camera since the kids had scared it off. So after signing in and replacing the cache, we headed for home, on the promise that I would take them out again tomorrow.

night cache 2 night cache

Okay, everyone is hooked and wanting to do more caching, even though it will be getting dark soon. So after driving home and putting in new coord’s (co-ordinances) and printing the info for the next one, we set off. Although this one warns us that it is by a canal (and to keep an eye on small children), nothing clicks in my head….water…..standing water……….MOSQUITOES!!!! Nope, not me, and I know better. When I was on my mission, I was serving by the Rio Grand! When we would visit with the families there we would have to spray down or be eaten alive…but I’m just thinking of the fun. We are all wearing short sleeves and shorts! We arrive head in the right direction when a pit bull comes through the big hole in the fence, and tells us it is on a chain. He tells the dog that it’s okay “their just playing a game”. After going far around the dog we start narrowing it down, all the while getting closer and closer to the water. But even though there are a few bugs, we still think nothing of it, until we hit a dead end and realize we need to back up 10 feet or so and veer to the right….closer to the water…well we had to (of course) push through some bushes and low tree limbs, and then they started biting! We found the hiding place for the cache just as they attacked (youl’d think they were guarding it!). We uncovered it…while swatting…got it out and opened it up….while swatting…..tried to look in and make trades, and write on the log….still swatting, even taking turns swatting for others while they wrote! We tossed it back covered it up, and high tailed it out of there, making sure to avoid the pit bull, and into the mosquito free car. I promised to take them again tomorrow. You would think this would finish them off for the night, but no. They want to do one more….in the dark.

buggy cache 2 buggy cache

Christopher and I had been before when Shawn was here for General Conference, but Lacie and Chelsea wanted to come. Lacie thought it sounded dumb, but after this first one, she was hooked! Unfortunatel, since Shawn had done all the pre-caching stuff when we had gone before, I, of course, had not thought to print out the info. I had the stuff in the gps unit, and we were on going on that info alone. When we were driving around and getting close, I realized my mistake and called Shawn and had him look up the info on the site and he helped us get there. We were really close all on our own, but just needed that extra help!

park cache 2 park cache