Weird happenings

Be careful what is on your antenna when you get your car washed if they use those big shammy covered rollers that go along the side and top of your car. Now, don’t get me wrong, those shammy things did an excellent job of getting 6 months of dirt and grime off my car, but when I heard the thunk, I knew what happened. Mr Wienerschnitzel along with my antenna went flying! I pulled out and went back to see for sure and sure enough, I was right, and yes, Mr. Wiendrschnitzel was still hanging on for dear life!

I was able to get a replacement so I can listen to Glenn Beck again! $11.27 (or so) later! I almost didn’t get my car washed, because I am living on an extremely tight budget, but the thought of doing it myself overcame my reluctance. Well, it cost me more than I thought it would, didn’t it. But now, I can just take off the replacement and drive thru again in another 6 months and be worry free!


Ok, for those of you who are new to my life, you don’t know that weird things happen to me A LOT! My life has just been full of weird. Here we go again. Ok, I always leave my car windows open a crack to help with the heat. So, yes, I have had dead flies, moths, and a few other bugs die in my car…..but, REALLY? 2 Huge Dragonflies at the same time dead on my dash? What….did my car suddenly fill up with mosquitoes or something and all the mosquitoes escaped and the poor dragonflies couldn’t find their way out? WEIRD! What else can I say?

Karma, I really don’t know much about it, except what people have said.  I get the idea that it is more or less: What goes around, comes around.  I get that from Earl, too.  I use the karma thing on Christopher all the time.  If he is asked to do something, and he puts it off or just doesn’t do it and something happens to him, I call it karma.  Maybe it is psychological on his part, but it is amazing how often this happens to him.  I see it other places too.  Here is a story for you to judge:

When we were in AZ we ran through McDonald’s to get something to eat. Mother always has to be careful of what she orders because she has a hard time eating anything too crunchy or tough. She got the usual Fillet-o-fish because she knew she could eat that, but she wondered if she could eat the chicken nuggets. So we ordered her the little four piece nuggets for a dollar and told them what kind of sauce she wanted. We had been out looking at houses and were on our way back to Shawn and Krissy’s. Mother and Father are usually “eat in” rather than “drive-thru, eat in the car people”, but we were all tired and wanted to get back quickly. After we had driven for quite a ways Mother had passed out all the food and realized there was sauce for the nuggets, but no nuggets. I said oh well and chalked it up to busy restaurant people. I did think it was funny that they had included the sauce, though. Probably a different person at that point.

Well, on the way home from AZ we again had to eat at McDonald’s (not my favorite place, by the way) . After we had all had our potty break, including Kia, Father took Mother for a little walk around the parking lot for exercise so I decided to run back in and get nuggets for Mother to try (along with pies, only 2 for $1!). As the girl helping me looked in the sack the other lady had handed her, she noted that there were 2 4-piece nuggets, and said “that’s okay”, and handed me the bag. I thought, “okay, what ever”. But as I was telling the others in the car about it I realized that these could be considered the ones we had paid for the other day! I wish I had thought of that when she had handed me the sack, so I could have told her this story! Get jipped one day and extra the next!

So, is it Karma?

I keep a sticky lint remover standing up on the kitchen counter so I can use it conveniently. One morning in September I went out into the kitchen and found a little cockroach sitting on it. Stuck really. He (or she, who really knows) must have wondered what was at the top and decided to climb it. Big surprise for him (or her). It was stuck pretty solid. I took a few pictures thinking it may free it’s self at any moment.

roach 2 roach 1

Then I decided that to get the full effect you really needed to see it struggle to get free, so I switched my camera to video and filmed it. Christopher was playing the part of the wind storm in showing you how stuck it really was. Now this is interesting family entertainment!