want to see how my blog works, so am going to play with it all a bit. Just ignore this if it makes it to facebook.

Be careful what is on your antenna when you get your car washed if they use those big shammy covered rollers that go along the side and top of your car. Now, don’t get me wrong, those shammy things did an excellent job of getting 6 months of dirt and grime off my car, but when I heard the thunk, I knew what happened. Mr Wienerschnitzel along with my antenna went flying! I pulled out and went back to see for sure and sure enough, I was right, and yes, Mr. Wiendrschnitzel was still hanging on for dear life!

I was able to get a replacement so I can listen to Glenn Beck again! $11.27 (or so) later! I almost didn’t get my car washed, because I am living on an extremely tight budget, but the thought of doing it myself overcame my reluctance. Well, it cost me more than I thought it would, didn’t it. But now, I can just take off the replacement and drive thru again in another 6 months and be worry free!

Brother Sam Yusko’s viewing and family/friend dinner was this evening. We have known the Yusko’s since 1984. Sister CheronYusko came up to my parents, who are almost 10 years older than her and said, “How is it that we are all still here, and he is gone?”  All 3 of them are in way worse health than Sam had been, Sam was the healthiest one, but he ended up going first. It was a nice viewing, with lots of visitors. There was no funeral, so this was sort of a memorial. Sam was kind of a funny guy!  He loved scouting, and gardening. That is what I remember most about him. That, and that he loved and was proud of his Jewish heritage.

Today I went and helped pack up some of the kitchen stuff in Bro. & Sis. Yusko’s apartment. You see on Monday, Bro. Sam Yusko passed away. He is Cassie Yusko Jones’ father. He had had surgery the week before and seemed to be recovering fine, but there must have been a problem, maybe a blood clot or something and he died instantly.  So now Sis. Yusko is living with the Jones’ again and we are all helping to pack up their stuff to move it out of the apartment. Everyone seems to be doing okay. Cassie is having a tough time of it, from time to time, when she slows down enough for it to hit her. They are all taking it one day at a time.


Ok, for those of you who are new to my life, you don’t know that weird things happen to me A LOT! My life has just been full of weird. Here we go again. Ok, I always leave my car windows open a crack to help with the heat. So, yes, I have had dead flies, moths, and a few other bugs die in my car…..but, REALLY? 2 Huge Dragonflies at the same time dead on my dash? What….did my car suddenly fill up with mosquitoes or something and all the mosquitoes escaped and the poor dragonflies couldn’t find their way out? WEIRD! What else can I say?

CTH allergy testing. He is only allergic to 2 they tested for: Bermuda Grass (good reaction, so, no more mowing!) and Ash (pollen from the tree). Now we are down one more step in the health mystery…..Now we see what the doc wants to do next, and go from there.