Father wanted to go geocaching again now that Mother and I were back from Mesa. So I got out all the stuff and we went off again! The first one we found took us a few minutes due to the clues. None of us wanted to get bitten by any of the spiders we had found in the hiding spot, so Father put on his gloves and got it for us. It was a micro, so we only signed the log.

cache 1b cache 1a

So then we moved on to the next one. It was in a tree and attached to a limb so well that Christopher couldn’t get it down, although he gave it a good try, so Father figured it out and got it down. You have to remember this is July in Vegas! 107+ degrees! I was really glad this one was in the shade! We traded a few things, including a small “hello kitty” that Cassie’s daughter, Bekah, had asked me to put in a cache for her. Christopher took a hand buzzer. Oh, joy!

cache 2 a cache 2 b

Okay, so we still had a few more we could do, that I had put the co-ord’s in the unit, so off we went again, but as we made a u-ee in the road, across ran a …chipmunk, squirrel? Well it was some kind of kritter. Shawn seems to have all the fun with kritters, so had to include the only one I’ve come across!

cache 2 critter

Well, it ended up that the next one was partly in the shade, but once we got there, we found this one in record time, and got back in the car (of course the drunk looking guy sitting not far from there, as well as the litter of beer bottles urged us to be on the fast track!) It was a good hiding spot and I loved the container, which was one of those metal boxes that aol used to use to send out those stupid free cd’s (a few years ago a friend of mine put those cd’s all over in her garden to deter birds!)

cache3a cache3b

Father really seems to be hooked, so we did the last one. This one was so obvious after having found several in identical places that we walked right to it. It was located in a park, but the only unpleasant thing about this one, other than the heat, had to be the family sitting at a covered picnic table having a party. Don’t get me wrong, that was great, fine, but they had their rap music blasting from their car more than 100 feet away! I commented that if I lived across the street (yes, there were houses) that I would have called the cops! It was so stinkin’ LOUD!

cache 4a cache 4b

So, there you have the last caching marathon in Vegas. Maybe we will do it again sometime…but in winter, when the temperatures would be lovely for this kind of thing!