Okay, Christmas came and went with my Mother in the hospital. Actually it came with her in the hospital and went with her in the rehab hospital…again! They thought she had to have her gall bladder out, but eventually found out, through some probe thing, that it was actually a peptic ulcer. She was put on antibiotics and on Christmas night was moved to the rehab place. She came home on January 4th.

Now back to my story. I drove to SLC (again) the day after Christmas and packed up the rest of our stuff and got most of it in a PODS container. This was not a pleasant adventure, in fact I completely missed one night of sleep, working to make my deadline! On Wednesday evening some of the Mel. Priesthood holders came to move stuff into the PODS. Thursday night the elders quorum came. Friday some of the young men came and the R.S. Presidency came on Saturday and helped me clean the walls and all. Am I ever glad that is over! I am finally out of that dumb old apartment! And I do mean old, they were built in the 1970’s!

Now I feel like I am in limbo. We are staying with my parents, helping with my Mother and everything, but it is not our place and sometimes things are kind of weird and/or tense. We have already been here 2 months (man that went fast!) and will probably be here at least 2 more, helping my Mother get going and all. This is where we are needed and it really was a good thing I could just pick up and go. Hopefully Mother will be up and going again within 2 months! We will see.